We previously discussed the benefits of the Vexels Creators Program, however, if you still have doubts about the process, we’re here to help by shedding light on one of our Creators’ journeys – from the initial meeting to the merch launch.

Step 1: The Creator

Meet Mario Mirante, an amazing Content Creator who wanted to launch his own merchandise. 

Social Media image of Mario Mirante

Before the first 1-1 talk, we thoroughly studied Mario’s Social media and came up with a content proposal.  As a TikToker with over 3 million followers, Mario’s content is primarily focused on comedy, with a healthy dose of irony and sarcasm, but also making it relatable. 

In addition to studying Mario’s content and message, we also analyzed his aesthetics and considered styles that would resonate with both him and his audience.

Moodboard example

After we collected all of this information, we created the content proposal to present our ideas and creative vision for the designs and store. 

Then we had our first 1-1 talk, where he shared his feedback and suggestions and made the necessary adjustments, ending with a final project he was really happy with.

Step 2: Mario’s Merch Line & Branding

Mario expressed a strong liking for the comic book style and simple products, so we decided to create a t-shirt & hoodie line based on the comic aesthetic while incorporating retro cartoon elements in a few select products.

In collaboration with Mario, we chose one of the cartoons that had been designed with his likeness in mind and adapted it to create a unique logo for the product line. Prior to this collaboration, Mario did not have his own logo, so this was a significant addition to the branding of his merchandise.

Mario's merch example

Continuing with our comic book-inspired product line, our team used some of the quotes we previously picked for Mario, as well as some that he submitted to us, to create humorous and on-brand designs, like “I’m Single” and “Follow me, I’m pretty funny”.

This process was a back-and-forth between Mario and our designers, to ensure all of his ideas were accurately captured.

Mario's merch example

Step 3: Store set up

As a part of our Creators Program, we handled the entire store setup process for Mario. 

We designed a personalized store that reflects Mario’s style, maintaining the comic book aesthetic with a simple color palette. Additionally, we handled the uploading and categorization of all merchandise products.

Mario's merch store

Step 4: Time for the launch 

For the launch day, Mario opted for doing a soft launch on his Instagram and Tiktok stories. He followed up with videos featuring various merchandise products from his collection. One of the fan favorites was the “I’m Single” hat, which caused many sales in less than 24 hours due to his viral video featuring the product. In response to his fans’ demands, we expanded the product range with more designs.

We will continue to work with Mario, as we closely monitor product trends and customer requests, maintaining our dedicated approach. Check out the brand-new store and new drops we did for Mario!

If you’re interested in having a store like Mario’s, check out more about our Creators Program here!