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Thank you for your interest in our beta program. At the moment all spots have been filled, but you can still sign up for our waitlist.

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Simulate Your Earnings

Curious to know how much you have to sell to start earning cash? Play around with the Sales and Royalty tab to simulate earnings with these example products. As our partner, you'll receive a generous 70% share of the profit on each item sold, which is significantly more than what you would earn with Merch by Amazon.
Sales Royalty Retail Price Earnings
$17.44 $183.12
White glossy mug
$11.40 $39.90
$15.60 $54.60
Earn $50 to get a Free Subscription $277.62

For example, a standard T-shirt with an original price of $12.40 (USD), when a 40% royalty is applied, has a retail price of $17.96. If you earn a 70% commission and Vexels earns 30% of the profits after cost, you’ll earn $3.47 per sale.

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All your questions about our plan, answered.

Why should I buy a Stores plan? 

Our Vexels Stores plan is the full package, covering your e-commerce store set up, connection to printful for high quality merch products, and access to our full library of print ready designs. Simply pick out the designs from our library, or create your own using our online t-shirt maker, choose the right merch product and set up your pricing. We’ll take care of connecting your store and merch products to Printful, and all you need to focus on is marketing and selling. We’ve got a dedicated team behind every Store, making sure everything’s set up correctly.

Who takes care of Production and Shipping for my store?

Printful will be our Production and Shipping partner, meaning they’ll be in charge of printing your designs on the Merch items your customers purchase, shipping them to your customers, and handling the customer service.

Do I have to connect my own store to Printful and Stripe?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of setting up your store, including connecting to Printful and Stripe. Once you’re done creating your products, all you have to do is take care of selling and marketing your products.

What products can I sell on my store?

We’ve partnered with Printful to provide our customers with a wide variety of best selling Merch Products, including unisex clothing, hats, posters, mugs, phone cases, and more!

Where can I get designs for my Merch Products?

We’ve got tons of options! If you’re not looking to design them yourself, you can download Print Ready designs for T-Shirts, Phone Cases, Pillows, and more. If you have Illustrator or Photoshop, we also have Editable Designs for all these Merch products, where you can change up the images, colors, texts, and more. Another cool option, is our online T-Shirt Maker, where you can create your designs fully online, with no need to have priori design experience or advanced designer software.

How are profits split when I sell something on my store?

We’re partners in this! This means you’ll gain 70% of all profit from sales made on your store, and the 30% left over will be our part of the profit. You’ll receive your payments on a monthly basis on your PayPal account.

How do I get a free subscription?

Make $50 USD in sales and your subscription is on us!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription within the first 15 days of your purchase, and if you have also downloaded 30 or less resources, you are entitled to a full refund on your subscription. Please note that if you cancel your subscription, your store will be unpublished on our end.