1000 flat icons mega bundle

Today we are putting together thousand of icons we've been designing for years. This freebie is a very useful and unique one. It comes with all kind of icons from social media transport food camping sports multimedia medical economics finance safety real esteate and much much more. For redistribution remember download must be done in VectorOpenStock.com. High quality JPG included.Under Commons 4.0. Attribution License.

icon pack icon icons collection business design pack bundle mega flat flat icon globe user sign symbol customer service web megaphone smartphone warning question telephone question mark power reload wifi wi-fi wi fi signal information pinterest flickr blogger instagram wordpress camera phones headset film television tv shield folder arrow location mic microphone envelope mail soundcloud at email google skype satellite computer laptop news newspaper photo photography cloud delete tea coffee mug save music battery call tumblr twitter yahoo facebook myspace digg reddit edit upload eye thumb thumb up magnifying glass search monitor pointer marker mouse leave cart shop vimeo youtube stumble upon linkedin picasa print printer banned record download clouds time check link linked block lock flag file delicious dropbox windows android apple rss home router mute sound share earphone joystick game gaming picture image shutter shot radio bag shower brush dryer shaver pig perfume shoe mirror dna ball football paint university degree graduate atom basketball glasses geometry owl clock school book leaf telescope award leaves grass whale fire flame recycle energy windmill head organic grow butterfly electronic drop water worldmap sofa house chair armchair fridge lamp tool bbq barbecue toaster key laundry scale mill plug toilet paper kettle fix settings mixer coffee grinder fireplace car van traffic lights train metro pedestrian bus helicopter airplane motorcycle rocket truck scooter bike bicycle transport construction boat sail motorboat ship helmet tennis rugby american football ping pong weight dumbell golf workout ipod run heartbeat calendar fitness checklist dinner launch snowflake winter sports mountain landscape ski snowboard skiing xmas noodle ying yang geisha dragon bonsai panda china money sumo bill note bank business business man pie chart savings calculator coins coin target atm speaker conference market credit card wallet idea investment job lightbulb briefcase growth gears umbrella rain change currency dollars pound pounds flower app software pin meeting account code timer buildings sale rent real estate family sold box cardboard nurse medical healthcare blood female male death danger pirate medic doctor health temperature lungs garage bath sleep bed palms palm tree tent beach cocktail luggage wheel bikini snorkel anchor flip flops hat hills gloves spark kid snowman fishing fish drink wine bottle milkshake beer grape onion watermelon stake chicken sausage hot dog pizza carrot dish pan lobster bread cheese muffin hamburger ice cream ice-cream footprints dog cat bear footprint bird right left turn plane sport cow horse biohazard radiation electric gun clover lucky pipe rings marriage cupid cake flowers bucket present gift diamond church groom bride wedding date toast love dress suit message love letter letter bible grave easter rabbit sheep duck egg easter egg fireworks christmas ball sweet shipping star bell santa claus halloween sweeper broomstick bat zombie skull rip mansion haunted tree trick or treat pet 2d snowmen bauble png vector open stock contact physician hospital flat flower search icon home icon light bulb camera icon water drop calendar icon snow flake location icon arrow icon mouse pointer summer water droplets mountain icon free vector merchandise pastries pastry dessert desserts bakery bake merch frankfurter halloween design jewelry stone gem year animal animals bunny starship kids shopping discount panda bear coconut tree ecommerce e commerce horses icon bundle buble anthena remove prohibitted droupal joombla diafragm hi hills eyemouth chemics double beds wordrope vacum cleaner lampc aerostat stop watch 1st place working out christmass chineese lotto hand shake euros conference call hostel durf tooth paste life saver candels bannana chilli pepper croisant foot print trarffic traffic signs broken glass calendarangel shutting star gravespider gosht pumpking + more
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