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All your questions, answered

If I download a print-ready design, can I upload it and sell it online?

Vexels' print-ready designs are named like this because they come in the proper size and format to be printed on most POD services. We encourage you to download and use them as a starting place to create your own original artwork. This is because every print-on-demand company and marketplace has its own Content Policies, many of which ask for designs to be as original and unique as possible.

Does the Black Friday discount renews with every billing cycle?

Yes! When you subscribe to one of our discounted plans, it's a gift for life. That means your ongoing subscription will continue to enjoy this special pricing, year after year.

May I sell Vexels' designs digitally?

No, according to our Terms & Conditions, Vexels' designs are not allowed to be sold or redistributed digitally without modification; they are meant to be either applied onto physical products for sale, or modified enough to be unrecognizable as Vexels content for digital uses such as graphic design.

Can my merch licenses to Vexels' designs expire?

As long as you have an active subscription, your merch licenses won't expire. Once you cancel your subscription, your merch licenses expire with it. If you prefer to continue selling without worrying of expiry dates, try our lifetime plans or purchase single licenses.

How do I get a Free T-shirt Sample?

This promotion is exclusively available during the 2023 Black Friday period. Participants must have completed the refund period, are required to create a store on Vexels, and a minimum of 10 products must be uploaded to the store created. Users need to comply with all the criteria to be eligible. For more details see our Terms and Conditions.