A day, or even a week wouldn’t be enough to write about the inspiring work of this young artist from Europe. His fantastical concoctions of high definition details and dreamlike color combinations can absorb your attention and make you lose yourself in the surreal narrative of his subjects. Every painting is it´s own story, usually accompanied with written verses and poetry that bring even greater depth to each of his pieces. Cyril Rolando, otherwise known as Aquasixio, blends fantasy and surrealism in a very innate and natural manner, which makes the subjects and elements he uses instantly recognizable, transforming these incredible situations into very lifelike and believable moments. Often, to the bewilderment of his fans, he states his art is no more than a hobby, but we are very astonished and lucky to be able to observe this master at work. Looking at his pieces it’s clear why he considers this a hobby, because when there is so much passion and dedication in every line, detail and composition, it can´t possibly be work can it?

Let me invite you to head over to his profile and fall in love with his work as well. There you will also find many tutorials on his works process, you really can’t miss this: aquasixio.deviantart.com

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